Happy Orthodontic Health Month from Texas Orthodontic Specialists!

National Orthodontic Health Month at Texas Orthodontic Specialists

October has been designated as National Orthodontic Health Month, and this is a perfect time to discover the many benefits offered by orthodontic treatment in terms of creating stunning smiles and furthering overall oral health.

The fundamental function of orthodontic procedures is to move and straighten teeth in a way which improves not just their appearance, but also the way in which they function. Placing teeth in proper alignment makes it much easier for them to be cleaned, something in which everyone can find real value. Orthodontic treatment also keeps the gums, teeth, and even the jaw in better shape by helping achieve equal distribution of pressure to all the teeth, not just to some.

There are many reasons which could compel a patient to pursue orthodontic procedures, and these include problems with crowding or crookedness, bite issues, or other such concerns. When difficulties in this realm are allowed to go untreated, the negative consequences can encompass things like jaw dysfunction, gingivitis, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Some of the most frequently-used tools used by orthodontists these days include invisible aligners as well as more conventional braces, and these work to bring teeth into an optimal position. After treatment of this nature is concluded, patients typically wear retainers as a way to keep the teeth in proper place as the bone and gum tissues surrounding them adjust and settle.

Though lots of folks think about orthodontic treatment as something that teenagers and even younger kids undergo, the fact is that many adults are now looking to such procedures as a way to address issues that have bothered them for years or to remedy changes that have occurred more recently. Upwards of a million adults are in the midst of orthodontic treatment as of this very moment!

The American Association of Orthodontist has put together some tips that can help keep aligners, braces, and related appliances protected and in top condition during the month of October and its attendant opportunities to consume large quantities of sticky, sugary treats.

First, make it a point to avoid eating Halloween candy that is especially chewy, sticky, or crunchy. This category includes things such as caramels, jelly beans, gummy candies, and the like. It is also wise to avoid hard Halloween foods such as nut-filled candies, popcorn, and similar items, as these are known for their ability to break metal brackets or dislodge wires.

Lastly, make sure extra attention is paid to flossing and brushing during this treat-heavy time of year. It is critically important that those undergoing orthodontic treatment remove residue left behind after consuming starchy and sugary items, because it can lead to bacteria and eventual tooth decay.

To discover whether you or a loved one might benefit from orthodontic treatment, consult with the Texas Orthodontic Specialists. Consultations are always complimentary.

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