October is National Orthodontic Health Month

October is the beginning of the fall season, and Halloween is the start of the holiday season. Though this particular holiday is all about ghosts, goblins and candy, the effects of the candy can be the start to something big. Cavities and Halloween seems to go hand-to-hand. This time of the year can be a headache for most dentists because children have been bathing their mouths in sugary sweets. In most cases, these cavities weren’t created in the month of October. These hallowed holes were created months in advance and are now starting to rear their ugly heads. National Orthodontic Health Month takes place in October, and it definitely coincides with the season for obvious reasons. Keeping your child’s teeth as clean as possible is the goal. Unfortunately, many children aren’t able to do so, which is why parents should stay on top of their children’s dental appointments.

Things To Know

Orthodontics and braces also go hand-to-hand as straight teeth are definitely much healthier teeth overall. Straight teeth not only looks more aesthetic, it shows that you’re in good general health. Crooked, or misaligned teeth can be harder to clean, especially when it comes to cleaning in between the teeth. This is where a majority of cavities tend to manifest from as bacteria from the food eats away at tooth enamel. One of the better ways to avoid this situation is to always brush your teeth as well as floss. Braces can surely limit the amount of cavities that a person receives because the teeth are much straighter. When teeth are straight, food particles won’t easily get trapped in between, which results in less cavities.

Yes, braces can be kind of hard to clean in the initial stage, but with consistent cleaning, it’ll be like riding a bike. Kids in middle school tend to start their journey with braces. Most of a tooth’s damage can come from childhood trauma. In some cases, braces can be a bit embarrassing for some people, but they’re highly necessary. These advanced-metal brackets can also correct overbites and underbites. Teeth can chip and crack if they’re misaligned. A person’s bit motion is generally off-track, which will certainly cause some wear and tear while chewing. A cracked tooth is the perfect environment for bacteria to breed because food particles will get stuck within the crack. When food particles sit and are not removed in time, issues such as cavities will form. A healthy smile that possesses teeth that are clean and straight will definitely raise your confidence. You’ll want to go out and participate in social situations because your esteem will be much higher.

A child’s confidence is golden, and it will give them more ambition to speak in public situations. Getting braces for your child can be one of the biggest investments in his or her life. The embarrassment of having crooked or chipped teeth can cause depression, and we all know where that can lead to down the road. The team at Texas Orthodontic Specialists, has years of experience in dealing with these issues. Dr. Stephen Chen is well-educated in Orthodontics, and he has a stellar background in doing so. Contact us today for your child’s complimentary orthodontic evaluation. We have five convenient locations in the greater Houston area.

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