Orthodontics for Adults: It’s not too late

Orthodontics for Adults in Houston

If your crooked teeth or overbite have always bothered you, it’s never too late for the smile you’ve always wanted. The corrective power of orthodontics is within your reach. It’s not only effective with youngsters, but works equally well on adults. A consultation with Dr. Chen or Dr. McCarty, orthodontists who are members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) can enlighten you to the many possibilities.

Even if you’re older, your teeth will still move into their proper position, but it may take a little more patience because of denser bone tissue that comes with age. Some extra things to consider with adult patients include fillings, missing teeth, wear and tear on teeth, dental and gum diseases that have taken their toll, as well as other conditions. But your orthodontist has likely seen it all and can recommend the best course of action.

It’s very important that you be sure you are being treated by an orthodontist and not a dentist who does orthodontia. There is additional training required beyond dental school to become an orthodontist. An AAO member orthodontist will have the expertise and experience to make sure you have the best possible experience and results for your time and money.

The method that orthodontists use to move your teeth into the proper position varies, but they will most likely use either braces or an appliance such as an aligner. The appliance will gently and slowly move your teeth. You will have regular visits so that your progress can be checked and the orthodontist can make adjustments.

No longer are you limited to glaring, traditional metal braces. Today’s options, no doubt driven to some degree by adults who want inconspicuous treatment options, include white braces that blend into your teeth, much smaller metal braces and braces that sit behind your teeth. Some braces aren’t technically braces at all, but plastic trays called aligners that fit over your teeth and still get the job done.

Your options will vary depending on your teeth, mouth and the correction you desire. Your orthodontist will advise you as to what will work best and how long the different treatments might take. The average treatment plan takes about two years, and you will have regular visits every six to eight weeks. It is a good investment of time and money to make sure your bite is correct and your teeth are straight. Also, many insurance plans cover part of the cost of orthodontics because they know that it may save money long term in better oral health.

The first time an adult patient sees his or her new, improved smile is a sight to behold, and it moves some to tears. Many can’t believe what they see after so many years of imperfect teeth, and most wish they had done this much sooner.

There is no time like the present to get started on orthodontic treatment, even if you’re well past your teenage years. If you’re ashamed of your smile, there’s no need for that with all the available options. If you’d simply like straighter teeth or a better bite, that’s great, too. Get started today by setting up an appointment the Texas Orthodontic Specialists.

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