What You Should Know About Bite Problems with Children’s Teeth

What You Should Know About Bite Problems with Children’s Teeth

A child’s teeth may grow in crooked for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it’s because their teeth are simply too large for their mouth, which ends up causing the teeth to crowd together. It can also cause teeth to shift. Another reason why a problem might occur is because there’s a difference in the size of the lower and upper jaws, which can cause an underbite or overbite. When the upper jaw protrudes, it causes an overbite. In the event that the lower jaw protrudes, the result is an underbite.

Misaligned teeth can oftentimes be inherited from parents. It’s more likely that a child will have teeth that are misaligned if one of their parents have teeth that are misaligned. This can include an underbite or overbite. Other common reasons why it happens is because the primary teeth were lost too early before the secondary teeth grew in. It can also happen because of tongue thrusting, gum disease or thumb sucking. If children use a bottle or a pacifier for a longer period of time than recommended, then misaligned teeth may occur.

Problems Associated with Misaligned Teeth and Bite Problems

When a child has teeth that are misaligned or if they have other bite problems, it can impact their ability to properly chew food. It may also increase the chances of developing cavities and tooth decay, among other problems. This is because misaligned teeth can make it difficult to keep the teeth clean, which can result in poor oral hygiene. Another issue that tends to occur when a child has bite problems is it can increase the chances of them breaking a tooth. Perhaps the problem that children struggle with most is how it impacts their appearance. Bite problems can result in low self-esteem

Benefits of Visiting Texas Orthodontic Specialists

By visiting Texas Orthodontic Specialists, you can find out if your child’s teeth are abnormally misaligned. Since orthodontists specialize in treating teeth that are crooked or misaligned, you can get to the root of the problem and find out how it can be resolved. When visiting our practice, we can uncover the room of your child’s orthodontic issue by taking x-rays.  X-rays are beneficial because they provide us with a clear picture on everything that is going on with your child’s teeth and gums.

Treatment for Misaligned Teeth and Bite Problems

After we make a diagnosis, a decision will be made on how to best move forward. There are instances when a procedure is needed to actually remove a tooth or perhaps several teeth to address overcrowding. There are some instances when the problem can be resolved by wearing a retainer that can make sure the teeth stay in their current position after a tooth has been removed. Perhaps the most common resolution is wearing braces to correct teeth that are misaligned.

There are a lot of options these days when it comes to resolving misaligned teeth or bite problems. To get started, request a free consultation with one of our five convenient Houston area locations.

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