Is It Safe To Go To The Orthodontists Office Now That It’s Reopened?

Covid-19 Handwashing at Texas Orthodontic Specialists

Orthodontic offices around Houston have re-opened. You may be curious about the different precautions that are being taken to keep patients safe. Although appointments will certainly look and feel slightly different than they did in the past, you can still enjoy peace of mind. Orthodontists have long been on the very front lines of disease prevention. From disinfecting their waiting rooms and performing sterile treatments to donning the appropriate personal protective gear for every circumstance, these professionals are well-prepared for the current challenges. Orthodontists have always made the continued health and safety of their teams and their clients a topmost priority.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and going forward, the well-being of both staff and patients is of the utmost concern.

Prior To And During Your Visit

Universal precautions are constantly being used in these environments as part of diligent and ongoing disease prevention. Among these precautions are the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, masks, and sterile devices and instruments. Moreover, all common surfaces and work areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected with commercial-grade solutions.

Common, high-touch surfaces such as desks, chairs, restrooms, door handles, and counter tops are cleaned and disinfected multiple times throughout the day. Items that are more challenging to address such as common reading materials, refreshment areas, and water stations might be taken out. Before you arrive for your appointment, you may even be asked by your provider to brush and floss your teeth to help limit the presence of in-mouth germs.

The treatment process won’t be exactly the same:

Although your check-in will likely require a few additional steps, these are performed to further ensure the safety of all those within the treatment environment. For instance, you may be asked several triage questions or your temperature may be taken. Social distancing guidelines will be shared along with other etiquette and tips for general infection control. In certain situations, patients may be advised against coming in with companions unless doing so is essential. When patients are accompanied, their guests will also need to be screened at the time of admission.

During Your Appointment

The doctors at Texas Orthodontic Specialists may ask you to use a hydrogen peroxide rinse during your appointment. This rinse will help reduce viruses and germs in your mouth. Social distancing is accomplished by scheduling fewer appointments at one time and by having fewer people in the facility overall. If you ever have any questions concerning these changes, you can always get the answers you need from your orthodontic team.

When it comes to protecting your health during your next orthodontic appointment, you can rest assured that Texas Orthodontic Specialists are following all recommended precautions for ensuring the safe treatment of patients.

You Can Rely On Texas Orthodontic Specialists

Working with Texas Orthodontic Specialists will allow you to attain a bright, beautiful, and undeniably healthy smile at any age. Our orthodontists are seasoned in dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics, and adept in creating properly aligned jaws and teeth. More importantly, they have the experience and skills for creating your ideal smile in a safe and responsible way, even during the era of COVID-19.

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