Why 2019 Is a Good Year to Visit Your Orthodontist

From all of us here at Texas Orthodontic Specialists, Happy New Year!

January is an excellent time to make resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. A majority of people focus on eating healthier and exercising, but there’s a lot more to your health than just doing those two things. While dental health isn’t always on the top of everyone’s to-do list, it is something you should think about.

1. Dental & Orthodontic Health Is Essential

This year, take the opportunity to focus more on your dental health by flossing and brushing your teeth often. You should try to floss once a day and brush twice a day. Food and bacteria build up in-between your teeth as well as on them after you eat. This creates an environment for cavities and plaque to form.

You should then make an appointment with an orthodontist to start the new year off right. By doing this, you’re working towards improving your teeth overall health by ensuring that they are being properly cared for. In addition, getting braces in January puts you ahead of the game. You’ll easily be able to make these appointments before your calendar becomes cluttered with other activities. Just make sure that you make this appointment a priority by continuously following through with your orthodontic treatments.

2. Improving Your Appearance

Does the way your teeth look always make you unhappy or have you wanted to get them straightened but never had enough time or motivation to do so? At Texas Orthodontic Specialists, we are more than happy to help new patients with their smiles. Braces change the appearance of your teeth to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re an adult or a child, it’s never too late to improve your smile.

3. Improving Self-Confidence

Braces are a life-changing event not only for your overall appearance but your outlook on life as well. With a straighter smile and a new look, you’ll be more confident in yourself and how others view you.

Let’s face it. Metal braces aren’t for everyone. But the good news is that there are a variety of other options for braces such as Invisalign. Invisalign straightens your teeth without people knowing. They’re mostly invisible to the naked eye. You won’t have to feel self-conscious about yourself with braces. Orthodontic treatments are developed with your lifestyle in mind, making your goals much easier to reach.

4. Time for a New You

2019 is your opportunity to do something beneficial for yourself. January is a fresh new start for everyone. Use it to discover something you never knew was possible. When you improve your dental health and change your smile with orthodontics, you’re changing yourself for the better. Just like losing weight or joining a gym, a trip to the orthodontist is a great resolution to make to become the person you want to be. It’s time to make it happen!

If you have any questions about our services or want to embark on your New Year’s orthodontic plan, give us a call at 832-237-4746. Don’t wait. This is not only one of the easiest resolutions to make, but one of the easiest to keep too!

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